How Does Adultery Impact Alimony in South Carolina


A spouse who commits adultery in South Carolina is not eligible to receive alimony. The only exception is if the faithful spouse condoned the adultery, meaning that they knew about the affair and allowed it to continue.

Compared to many other states, South Carolina is very strict about preventing an unfaithful spouse from receiving alimony. A spouse who otherwise needs financial support can be barred from alimony if there is clear and convincing proof of the infidelity.

Also unlike many other states, in South Carolina, spouses that live separately while their divorce is pending cannot have sexual intercourse with other people until the divorce or formal separation is final. Proof of sexual relations before a final divorce or separation will prevent the “unfaithful” spouse from receiving any future alimony.

For more information about adultery in South Carolina check out my blog post Elements of Adultery – South Carolina

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